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Staffcentrix provides scalable and cost-effective training and consulting solutions for a variety of needs. Our primary expertise lies in (1) virtual work and (2) Internet fraud and safety. (Since so much of virtual work is home-based – and home-based work has long been a magnet for fraud – we were led in the course of advising our clients to a deep understanding of Internet fraud generally. This related expertise has been incorporated into much of our training and consulting work.)
We have helped our diverse client base meet a wide array of challenges. Among other solutions, we have
  • helped employees transition effectively to independent-contractor status;
  • trained transitioning and unemployed workers to find legitimate home-based jobs and freelance projects;
  • provided virtual-career development for accompanying partners (“trailing spouses”) and retiring personnel;
  • designed and delivered online career-development training for personnel in diverse national and international locations;
  • guided clients in recruiting a virtual workforce at optimal ROI;
  • helped first-time entrepreneurs launch successful home-based businesses; and
  • designed and delivered home-based-career training for community-college students, people with disabilities, and the public at large.
Staffcentrix has also worked closely with leading media (including CNN, ABC News 20/20, The Dr. Oz Show, and many others), the FTC and the FBI on Internet fraud investigations and public-awareness initiatives. 

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